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physical inspection

Thorough physical inspection of the stator, rotor, and exciter, with the aid of a borescope.​

  • Stator Inspection

  • Rotor Inspection

  • Exciter Inspection

Physical Inspections


  • Insulation Resistance

  • Polarization Index

  • DC Hi-potential

    • step​

    • leak absorption

    • ramp

  • AC Hi-potential​

  • RTD tests

  • Doble Power Factor & Tip Up​

  • Corona Camera

  • Electro Core Imperfection Detector

  • Wedge Tightness Detector

  • Core Tightness Examinations

Stator Winding Tests
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Rotor Winding Tests

  • Insulation Resistance

  • Copper Resistance

  • AC Impedance

  • Recurrent Surge Oscillograph 

Rotor Winding Tests
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